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55129Happy New Yr. gang ran Z scale demo. in Ohio last sat sun dec.29 and 30

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  • thomasc600
    Dec 31, 2007
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      Hi friends we ran 3-Z scale demo. in Ohio last week end with much very
      seemed happy people. had lots inquires about are scale fact even
      earned the respect of lionel dealer next to us. hey was shocked see
      how well all engines peformed. and cars mainly ran gp-7 on a 11-inch
      Marklin MFG winter one plus A bumble bee for 2 days on solar layout
      and large board with old marklin track running gp-35 gp-9 and gg-1
      also ran mtl. track at base round hat box with a Marklin crockdile the
      biggest dispointment people had was were buy Z scale we passed
      along few Michigan and Ohio dealers plus Loren we been ask due few
      more train shows over next few weeks inc. ohio again 2 in michigan
      even ask if gayle I think about western New york they ask buy several
      my items but told them sorry were not dealers fact I even give 1 guy
      couple of peices old Marklin track 1 guy even wanted me fix his engine
      I told him being 25yr old get Z track magzine send it glenn sandy we
      sure use banner saying Z-scale it would been easy sold 7or8 z scale
      sets few people complainted, told them with track transformer they be
      investing between 250 to 275 for starter outfits . We also brought
      back down on sunday small racing grannys in wheel chairs figure 8
      to add litte humor. thomas and gayle