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55121Re: [Z_Scale] Ztrack, Plans for 2008

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  • Thomas Creighton Sr
    Dec 31, 2007
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      Hi: what would really be fantastic is to see the equivalent to marklin/MTL track plans as it is a b---- trying to replace MTL track in a Marklin designed layout without a heck of a lot of work. thanks Tom Creighton Sr

      ztrack@... wrote: With today being the last day of 2007, I thought I would share our plans and
      thoughts for 2008. First, I would like to announce that two long running
      columns will be ending. Jeffrey MacHan's Last Spike will end with the
      January/February issue. This long running column has chronicled Jeffrey's VEC and travels.
      Over 40 articles have appeared in Ztrack during the past 7 years. It has been
      an amazing run.

      John Bartolotto's Z Web Search column is also ending. At this time, it
      appears the November/December 2007 column will be his last. John has been sharing
      amazing Z scale-oriented web sites in every issue of Ztrack. John is moving on,
      as is his column. Of course both will live on in our back issues!

      We are sorry to lose these outstanding columns, but we are very grateful for
      the work Jeffrey and John have done. Thank you to you both!

      With one door closing, another opens. I feel there are areas of the Z scale
      community and interests that we need to enhance our coverage on. The first area
      is track plans. We have been trying to increase track plans in Ztrack, but
      with little success. We are looking for track plans of Marklin track,
      Micro-Trains track, flex track and even module configurations. Ztrack is also looking to
      add a column for someone who can help us create track plans, associated art
      and graphics as well as conceptual plans. If you are interested, please contact
      us off-line.

      The second area we would like to focus on is module clubs and modules. We
      would like to see at least one article in every issue of Ztrack dedicated to
      modules. This would include club news and a featured module of the issue. I think
      modules are one of the most exciting aspects of Z today. I think it is
      important we share the work of module builders with the Z community. The
      November/December 2007 issue of Ztrack will feature Robert Ray's Time Saver Module. We
      hope this article will be a kick off to regular module features.

      The third area is increased coverage of European Z layouts. About 40% of our
      readers are interested in European prototypes. We need to increase our
      coverage of these areas. Finally, we are looking for more how-to and instructional

      We see so much amazing work being done on the forums, that it is amazing. I
      do hope and encourage those doing this work to submit articles to Ztrack. A
      large portion of our readers do not follow the forums and we would love to share
      your creations with our complete readership.

      Ztrack is also working to increase our page count and content. Deane Shepard
      is working extremely hard to bring in new advertisers, which will allow Ztrack
      to grow and increase our content. This is not necessarily an easy task, but
      Deane is already doing an exceptional job. Thank you Deane!

      The last area I want to talk about is the web. John Cubbin has created two
      outstanding websites for us. Ztrack.com is a beautiful site that promotes Ztrack
      incredibly well. We are planning to increase content on the site. John has
      visions of creating an HTML newsletter and we will be working on that in the new

      Ztrack Center is our new retail web site. Look for new products to appear in
      2008. Ztrack is in the process of bringing in two new lines from Germany,
      which will add almost 200 more products to the site. Thank you John for all of
      your hard work and dedication!

      Ztrack will continue to offer subscriber specials on AZL new releases and spec
      ial imprint cars from FR. We are also looking to continue special car runs
      with Micro-Trains.

      As we move into 2008, it looks like another exciting year for Z scale. Ztrack
      is growing and adapting as the scale grows. It is a wonderful time to be in

      Happy New Year!
      Rob Kluz

      Ztrack Magazine Ltd.
      6142 Northcliff Blvd.
      Dublin, OH 43016
      phone/fax: (614) 764-1703
      Distributor American Z Line

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