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55Re: Locomotive current demands

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Jul 5, 1999
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      I have to agree with Bill on this one. I have purchased four or five
      M�rklin steamers off the shelves of hobby stores. They were sold as new but
      from my examination of them, they had all been sitting around for anywhere
      from 5 to 9 years!

      As you can imagine, the lubrication had evaporated and the resin that was
      left made burning out a motor practically a sure bet. In fact, I found out
      the hard way with the first one that I bought. Fortunately for me, M�rklin
      USA replaced the motor under warranty.

      Subsequently, I cleaned out the old muck and lubricated the engines before
      putting them into service on the Val Ease Central. The locos on my layout
      run continuously for 2-3 hours at a time so they do tend to get hot.
      However, with proper cleaning and lubrication they have given me solid
      performance over the years. They will be running some more at the National
      Train Show, July 23-25 in Saint Paul. (Am I repeating myself enough yet?)

      P.S. I have also added weight to all my motive power, except the MT's in
      the belief that every little bit helps. To hedge my bets, I also use Relco
      high frequency AC track cleaning units on the layout.

      P.P.S. Thank you Simon for adding the SAR of Hong Kong to our list of
      Countries. That brings the total to 11!


      >I'd be the first to agree, that with PROPER maintenance, Marklin and
      >MicroTrains locomotives will last forever. The concern we have for
      >(and our guest runners), is that someone will put a poorly
      >lubricated/maintained loco on the track, and watch it die before their
      >Or make the same "assumption" I did.
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