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5494RE: [z_scale] Perceptions, perceptions! Size does matter...

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  • Robert Allbritton
    Jul 31, 2001
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      1. refer to the Val Ease Central Railroad as an integrated or
      modular "suitcase" layout, and
      2. spell my name correctly, i.e. Jeffrey

      1) Fair enough! Besides, I'm just envious of your ability to pack up so
      quickly! <grin> Seriously, people see what they want, and that's too bad. To
      me, a layout is a layout. To the public who went to NTS, I had to keep
      answering over, and over, and over again the same question: "Where is the
      guy with the little trains in a briefcase who won best in show?" Next
      challenge? Let them know it is not a briefcase. I stand corrected, and I
      will pass on your correction every chance that I get.
      2) I blame Bill Gates. My misspelling of your name passed his company's
      spell checker with flying colours. I was never a superior speller, and I
      still do not possess those skills; thus I rely on Mr. Gate's spell checker.
      I know that it is a foolish thing to do, but I must admit it is superior to
      my own abilities, which isn't saying much. David George made a comment on my
      penmanship at NTS, and again, I blame Bill Gates. Keyboards make perfect
      letters every time; so long as you press the correct keys, in the correct
      order, which I failed to do with your name. Besides, with a last name like
      Allbritton, you would think that I would be more sensitive towards the


      PS: I stood there while they were judging your layout. It is not possible to
      pull the wool over the eyes of the NMRA judges. They were very tough, and I
      can say that Z scale had nothing to do with it.

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      Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 2:18 PM
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      Subject: [z_scale] Perceptions, perceptions! Size does matter...

      Hi Gang,

      Ever since I saw my first Z items in a brief case layout made by
      Märklin in 1990 at The Train Shop in Orlando, Florida, I have been
      intrigued by the possibilities of 1/220 scale.

      However, one thing I have NEVER wanted to do and have NOT done was to
      build a "briefcase" layout. In a wierd twist, Sam Berliner, on his
      website commentary about my articles in Ztrack Magazine, even
      corrects my own published texts to declare beyond any doubt, that the
      Val Ease Central is a briefcase layout, and Sam, as far as I know,
      has never laid eyes on it! Rob Allbritton, who may actually have
      seen the layout, refers to the Val Ease Central in the preceding
      post, as a briefcase layout. Unfortunately, because of these
      continuing misrepresentations of the Val Ease (valise, get it?)
      Central, I may be saddled with the label of the guy who pulled the
      wool over the eyes of the NMRA judges with a couple of Z "briefcases"!

      Now, I would like to lay to rest, once and for all, the notion that
      the Val Ease Central is a briefcase layout. In fact, it is built in
      30" x 20" x 10" hardshell suitcases that have rollers and weigh 20 -
      30 lbs when packed with the layout. The layout measures 8 feet in
      length when set up. Now, I challenge anyone to carry a 30 pound, 2.5
      ft long "briefcase" to work.

      I suppose that I should take the briefcase comments as more
      complimentary than condescending. It probably demonstrates that I
      did a good job of camouflaging the suitcases when the layout is set
      up. In fact, many people don't recognize the suitcases at all and
      only realize the fact when they read the front panel sign during
      train shows.

      After a little quick figuring, in order to get my layout track plans
      into a real briefcase 12" long, I'd have to work in 1/750 scale.

      Common, guys, gimme a break and do me two favours:

      1. refer to the Val Ease Central Railroad as an integrated or
      modular "suitcase" layout, and
      2. spell my name correctly, i.e. Jeffrey

      I thank you for your support ;-)

      Jeffrey MacHan

      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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