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54879Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Humidors and Z Scale and Bookcases

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Dec 1, 2007
      Hello Melissa,

      > I have IKEA IVAR

      one might wonder if there is a person who don't have at least heard of
      this system... :-)
      I also have a small IVAR shelf in use. A lesson learned after I
      couldn't extend another shelf system because the manufacturer stopped
      the production of it. I only needed some small parts then... but no
      chance... :-(

      > I'd be a bit wary of mounting directly to the shelves if you have to cross
      > shelves, unless it was the single larger one you use as although it's quite
      > accurately machined 1 or 2 mm difference in height in Z scale would be like
      > a hump back bridge for track.

      I would use the longer shelfs (about 80 cm / 31.5") for a project like
      this. This would make it easier to adjust the shelfs in level to each
      other. An adjustable foot in the shelf legs would help too. If you
      want to go to shows, it is a must anyway.

      > I have thought about putting a layout on the larger one of the shelves of
      > the IKEA LEKSVIK Bookcase just before it changes to the thinner shelves.

      As I wrote, I would be wary about the availability in the long run.
      Even with BILLY, another classic IKEA bookcase I got problems, since
      they changed the length of the wider bookcases from 90 cm to 80 cm at
      sometime. It's only IVAR that is around unchanged since one can

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