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  • Loren Snyder
    Nov 3, 2007
      Hey gang,
      There is nothing quite as sweet as seeing a former Z scaler that somehow
      went astray, but then saw the light and now is coming back to the fold.

      Everyone, please welcome John back into the fold.

      John first joined the CZM gang way back about 2005 and he and his lovely
      wife Patty attended one of CZM's first dinners out at some restaurant, (I
      forget the restaurant's name........so much food has gone down the gullet
      since the early days) Terry Sutfin and his wife Hellen were also present at
      that meal.

      Well, somehow John got side tracked or discouraged, or bored, you name it,
      but he slowly drifted into the sunset with nary a word to the rest of us.

      I don't know exactly what happened a few week, days, or months ago, but all
      of a sudden John goes and pops up again. Well, when he puts himself in the
      cross hairs of us Z sharp shooters, what does he expect except to get shot
      between the eyes.

      It does appear at this time that John is serious and I know all CZMers who
      attend the local shows will be very happy to see him back with us. John
      talks of doing a yard module which will be very helpful to CZM.

      BTW, there is something very special coming down the pike in the future that
      will in my humble opinion revolutionize the concept of yard switching and
      actual building of trains. This is sorely needed I feel in our displays at
      train shows.
      I know you have all seen folks in other scales at train shows actually
      building trains in the yards and then directing them onto the main lines.
      Attendees at shows don't like to see no train movement on the tracks, and
      while building consists may not be quite as exciting as watching a train
      travel down the main line, there are some who are fascinated by watching
      trains being made up.

      My whole point is that someday in not the too distant future I believe a
      product will come along that will greatly encourage many to build yard
      modules and actually build trains in front of the viewing audience.

      Got your curiosity up a bit? Well, I can't say more because if I do I will
      die a lonely, gruesome death by who knows what means. But I promise you
      this, that if this concept I am referring to does become a reality in the
      near future, it could put a whole new meaning to the term "playing with

      You'll just have to put this bit of speculative jabber on the back burner of
      your mind for now and go ahead and concentrate on your trains as it is now
      officially "train season" and it's time to turn and burn.

      Ok, back to John the prodigal son. Let's all encourage him and give him any
      helpful info if he asks for it on the forum.

      Welcome home John--now stay in your train room and build, build, build!!

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      From: Dr John Lundy
      Date: 11/3/2007 12:48:57 PM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Z_Scale] New Z Layout

      Loren has shown me the the light, and I have decomissioned my N scale
      layout and this morning started on a new Z layout. I have some pics in
      the album John's Z scale stuff. I have laid some MTL track into a
      tentative mainline. I plan to model the Columbia River Gorge so
      probably level grades, but I might have a branch line into the hills.
      Time frame is 1950s and 60s (SP&S, GN, NP, and UP) so lots of variation
      in equipment. Loren has promised to keep me on a short leash so I
      actually get some scenery, etc done. He obviously likes a challenge!
      I look forward to learning from all of you along the way.


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