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54413New Z Layout

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  • Dr John Lundy
    Nov 3, 2007
      Loren has shown me the the light, and I have decomissioned my N scale
      layout and this morning started on a new Z layout. I have some pics in
      the album John's Z scale stuff. I have laid some MTL track into a
      tentative mainline. I plan to model the Columbia River Gorge so
      probably level grades, but I might have a branch line into the hills.
      Time frame is 1950s and 60s (SP&S, GN, NP, and UP) so lots of variation
      in equipment. Loren has promised to keep me on a short leash so I
      actually get some scenery, etc done. He obviously likes a challenge!
      I look forward to learning from all of you along the way.

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