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54039RE: [Z_Scale] Pennzee Loewy K4

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  • Jeffrey Walsh
    Oct 8, 2007
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      I have to admit that I am intimidated by cutting up the cylinders. Do you
      have any advice on the process?

      I'll give green stuff a try. There is a seam right next to a molded ladder,
      and I am worried about filling around the ladder. Perhaps I should file off
      the ladder and replace it with PE.

      Thank you for the help.


      Jeffrey Walsh

      PS: Ed, did you paint your K4 green, red, or black?

      -----Original Message-----

      I just used green Squadron putty for the seams. The scary thing (At least
      for me) was cutting up and filing down the cylinders. It makes a nice kit
      and sure increases the pulling capacity of a Pacific.
      Ed Scullin
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