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53938Re: [Z_Scale] Make your own decals using your inkjet printer

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  • Alan Cox
    Oct 4, 2007
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      On Thu, 4 Oct 2007 11:22:01 +0200
      "Ysbrand van der Veen" <y.m.vanderveen@...> wrote:

      > Hello,
      > Has anyone ever tried this (see quote from website underneath) ?
      > http://www.mcgpaper.com/modeldecals.html
      > Sounds nice, but creating a graphical background color that matches you loco or
      > car will be tricky if you ask me.

      I've seen it done with some success in certain cases (normally dark
      shades) and weathering. Sometimes you can just magically get away with it
      however. One way is doing the whole side as a decal onto white paint -
      which works well for things like the sides of trucks, or for signs. Also
      sometimes stock just happens to be a useful colour - eg UK railway
      coaches were blue with a white stripe around the windows. So for Z you
      paint the whole coach side (except the windows themselves!) white and put
      two blue and transparent decals on it above and below them.

      Even with a white background some colours (notably bright yellows) are
      very problematic.

      One decal vendor here (UK) - electra railway graphics - also has some kind
      of printing setup that can print white on clear decals and ships decals in
      two sheets, a white and clear one as a base and a second one you align
      over the top which has the colours on clear.

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