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53927Re: [Z_Scale] Pennzee Loewy K4

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  • Edward Scullin
    Oct 3, 2007
      I just used green Squadron putty for the seams.
      The scary thing (At least for me) was cutting up and filing down the cylinders. It makes a nice
      kit and sure increases the pulling capacity of a Pacific.
      Ed Scullin

      --- Jeffrey Walsh <fredshark@...> wrote:

      > Good Day Everyone,
      > I just received a package from Kevin of Hobby Crafts N More containing a
      > Pennzee PRR Loewy Streamlined K4 locomotive conversion kit. It is a very
      > nice kit, but I do have some questions I am hoping the group can help me
      > with.
      > The loco shell and tender are both metal, with the kit shell replacing the
      > loco shell of a Marklin 4-6-2 chassis. The tender requires basic assembly
      > in super gluing the sides, top, and bottom together.
      > My first questions are in dealing with the seams from assembling the tender.
      > I was thinking about using Mr. Surfacer 500, but I don't know how it will
      > react with metal. I need to purchase a new bottle before I can experiment.
      > Has anyone used Mr. Surfacer for filling seams in metal? What are the best
      > practices in filling seams in a metal kit?
      > The other questions I have are with the tender trucks. My references show
      > the Loewy K4 tender has two 3-axle trucks. The kit instructions state that
      > you can use any modern 2-axle European passenger car truck for the tender.
      > I was thinking of modifying a set of Hallmark heavyweight trucks for the
      > tender, rather than purchase and cannibalize a Marklin passenger car, but I
      > am hoping for an off-the-shelf 3-axle truck. Is an off-the-shelf 3-axle
      > truck now available? Are there inserts available for the Hallmark trucks?
      > Thank you!
      > Cheers,
      > Jeffrey Walsh
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