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53895Re: Gotthard Pass- December Model Railroader

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  • Jim O'Connell
    Oct 1, 2007
      Friends, I heard via the grapevine that my name was mentioned here. So
      here I am with my two cents worth like it or not. I have had less than
      satisfactory dealings in the past with Model RailRoader Magazine. I
      submitted my Original CCRR layout to them, the 2'x3' one. I got the
      biggest run around and down right rude responses from MRR, that when
      contacted by Rob, who I had never heard of at the time, from Z Track,
      well I jumped on board. I still have a Mr. Terry Thompson's email
      from June 2004. It is the oldest item in my inbox. I keep it to remind
      myself of an entity I find too full of itself. No one could accuse me
      of not trying to further our scale. For those of you that put forth my
      name in the same sentence with MRR thanks, but no thanks. I even
      offered not to except any payment when I submitted my article and
      photos to them. I just wanted exposure for Z scale. Mr. Thompson said
      they were full up of articles for the forseable future. I don't like to
      sit still and submitting the New CCRR and waiting until the year 2009
      is not for me. I'm happy to contribute to Z track, but I have no
      inclination to fight up hill battles against anyone or anything that I
      feel are only interested in the bottom line and have no real regard for
      all segments of the hobby. Cheers, Jim CCRR
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