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  • Don Avila
    Oct 1, 2007
      .well, I had an opening to Andy Sperandeo that goes back nearly 30
      years, so I can't help you on that one. Long long story, but that is
      how I got the door 'open' in Detroit. I won't say that Dave George and
      I didn't go 'prepared' but we did have a little something in the hip
      pocket that we had worked pretty hard on for a month to whet MRR's
      interest - and that is how we got them to spend some time at Dave's

      What they did tell us is they did not want a lot of helicopter views of
      layouts, but more photos taken nearer to ground level. They wanted lots
      of views of trains with scenery not being the most important item in the
      view - although obviously you need lots of scenery. In other words for
      anyone who has seen Dave's layout, they thought it was pretty darn good
      - but from the magazine's viewpoint they would like to see trains in the
      foreground and the scenery sort of secondary - which is almost
      diametrically opposite of what you show at a convention. The also want
      highly detailed photos - which throws out most snap shots. This would
      mean you would probably need a tripod, high quality camera/lenses and
      good depth of field control and scads of lighting generally coming in to
      represent the sun. They wanted a well written story [which they will
      edit] and they would like scads of information as to how the layout was
      built and lots of information about the owner/builder. They said not
      too worry too much about layout drawings as they had professionals that
      can handle that.

      O.K., that was step #1


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      FWIW both Neil Besougloff and Andy Sperandeo, the two main editors of
      MODEL RAILROADER spent about 20 minutes with Dave George's [a.k.a. Mr.
      Dave] layout at the 2007 Detroit NMRA / NTS. They discussed in detail
      what they would like in order to get a story into print. Dave will be
      getting photos taken this fall using Andy's and Neil's suggestions.
      Andy and Neil also opened the door for us and offered to help us to
      make the story more likely to make it to print. It won't be "next
      month", but I think there is a good chance it will make it to print.


      Can you share some of the thoughts they mentioned that MRR is looking
      for in
      order to get something published? Sounds like MRR is very picky.

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