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53021Re: [Z_Scale] AZL coalporters

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  • Elizabeth Hayes
    Jul 3, 2007
      if you had released them one set per month over the next nine months,
      alternating roadnames, more people would have been likely to buy them
      instead of being overwhelmed by all nine sets at once. At first, some will
      buyto buy all 12 cars of one road and some will buy one set of each road
      but they sales would have been greater if you had just released one set at
      a time the way that Full Throttle does.
      >From: ztrack@...
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      >Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] AZL coalporters
      >Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 09:36:32 EDT
      >Sorry for coming out with so many new items at one time! LOL!
      >AZL is not planning necessarily limited runs of these cars. We are looking
      >a wide variety of these cars and trying to keep them in stock for the long
      >term. But, this first release is more limited in quantity and the demand is
      >high. I can't confirm that if we sell out of a roadname, how long it will
      >before it is re-released. Additional roadnames are planned though.
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