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53Re: - Survey time!

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  • Dan MacKellar
    Jul 6 9:17 PM
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      >Survey #1
      >What are your 1st and 2nd suggestions in each of the following categories:
      >1. USA motive power,
      SD9, GP9
      >2. European motive power,
      British Railways 'Deltic', BR Class 37
      >3. USA rolling stock,
      Hoppers, Auto Racks
      >4. European rolling stock,
      >5. Other motive power,
      4-8-2, any prototype
      >6. Other rolling stock,

      Large Crane, Snowplow, Double stack cars
      >7. Structures,
      More USA style structures - Walthers, are you listening...?
      Coal Mine
      >8. Anything else that comes to mind?

      more modern North American vehicles
      Dan MacKellar
      Proud Zed Head since 1997!
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