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5292Re: [z_scale] Re: Kato In Z, their response

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  • Edward Scullin
    Jul 18, 2001
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      At the national train show, several of us Z scalers went over to the
      Kato booth, and inquired as to what plans they had for Z.
      The answer is NOTHING. they stated that their major market (about
      90%) is in Japan, and the rest of the world is only 10% of their
      market. There is no "desire" for Z in Japan, they are satisfied with
      N, so that is where they will say. The comment is that US and other
      prototypes are a very small part of their market. The children in
      Japan are very train conscious in that they grow up with them, ride
      them to and from school and when ever they go anywhere.
      It seems to me that the size reduction between N and Z would e enough
      of a reason since most living spaces are FAQs smaller than we in the
      states are used to. three bedroom apartment with a total of less
      than 1,000 square feet.
      We now need another target, for an Email and possibly leter writing
      campaign. Any suggestions?
      Ed Scullin

      --- Reynard Wellman <micron@...> wrote:
      > Hello John,
      > When N scale first started out (actually in the mid-60's) up until
      > the 80's, it was mostly junk, stuff that wouldn't run,
      > terrible turnouts, lumpy looking buildings and freight cars.
      > KATO lit a fire under the other manufacturers -- get better or
      > starve!
      > Z scale needs someone like this to show the others the way.
      > I couldn't agree with you more. I've yet to see a KATO product
      > perform poorly, unless I threw it accross the room or something.
      > Regards,
      > Reynard
      > zerstoererx@... wrote:
      > > Without a doubt you're right John, we should harness our
      > collective
      > > influence and direct it at Kato first and foremost. Do any of you
      > ex-N
      > >
      > > scalers out there remember when Atlas/Kato brought us their RS-3
      > back
      > > in 1982-83? Before that N Scale motive power was about as
      > innovative
      > > as a network TV sitcom plot. (addmittedly the Roco/Atlas stuff
      > was
      > > decent) Kato is beyond a doubt the finest MASS producer of model
      > > trains in the world. My brother-in-law snagged a seven car bullet
      > > train set in Japan for a price that would make us Z scalers
      > cringe!
      > > Considerably less than $300 USD bought the new "500" Bullet train
      > and
      > > a Tomix starter track set with auto switches and x-former (kinda
      > like
      > > Fleischmann's track). Accordingly, my thanks to all who can make
      > it to
      > >
      > > St. Louis to do the "dirty work". If anyone can pull up Z it'll
      > be
      > > Kato. Has anyone out there ever bought a Kato loco and NOT had it
      > run
      > > flawlessly and whisper quiet out of the box? I highly doubt it!
      > Again,
      > >
      > > thanks guys - our scale needs the competition!
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > John Stueber
      > > --- In z_scale@y..., jcubbin@o... wrote:
      > > > I don't know if it's been suggested yet, but rather than just a
      > > couple of people approaching the Kato booth inquiring about Z,
      > how
      > > about
      > > > some sort of petition from this group? There are nearly 400
      > members
      > > > This forum and Jeffrey R. MacHan are recognized by the NMRA's
      > SIG,
      > > this coupled with the voices of those several hundred Z_Scale
      > > > members would, if not send the Kato folks running to the
      > drawing
      > > board, might get them to consider dusting it off.
      > > >
      > > > The topic has been kicked around, how popular is Z these days.
      > One
      > > sure acid test is right here. If only 5 or 10 people reply with
      > > emails,
      > > > then Kato is right to ignore Z. Let's find out definitively
      > within
      > > these ranks, how popular
      > >

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