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52765Re: MTL Production Numbers

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  • Don Avila
    Jun 3, 2007
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      Give Loren a couple of days to get his feet back on the ground and
      drop him an Email. He's been at a train show with Joe with at least
      two of the new GP9's fully decorated. Check out TRAINBOARD for the
      colors. Loren is in at MTL regularly and can can fill you in on
      details, even the names of who to write to or whatever. I didn't
      think the sisters answered the phones, but who knows. MTL has quite a
      few employees.


      > Say It Ain't So, Don...
      > MTL is operated by two women? Well that explains that.
      > My dealer called them in inquire about a car for me and something
      > 'runner set's #4 and #5 it think it was, the woman who answered the
      > not knowing she was on speaker phone didn't just get nasty real
      quick, she
      > got ultra-NASTY. Now my dealer (who looks exactly like Wolfman Jack
      > looked at me with the widest eyes I've ever seen on a Human in all
      my life.
      > No no receptionist in the world would dare to speak to a customer
      like that
      > for fear of her job, so it had to be one of these women.
      > I'm not taking anything away from women in business I hope all will
      > understand. But from this attitude it's clearly evident nothing will
      > and those personnel at MTL must have their hands full in dealing
      with that
      > kind of mentality. They must of had to walk to school (uphill, both
      > Karin, I sure hope your assessment is right, for them to not take
      > while they 'Owned' the market and had the chance to establish
      themselves as
      > the leader. To just give the opportunity away, well that just seems
      to be
      > the American way these days. I realize all to well that if it was
      easy then
      > boy scouts and girl scouts would be doing it. Whats going on here is
      just a
      > shame, a plain ole shame.
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