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52763Re: MTL Production Numbers

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  • Don Avila
    Jun 3, 2007
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      My worthless guess is that some of these manufacturers will take a
      GOOD look around Detroit this summer, and then begin to consider
      spending some tooling money. Detroit is only 8 weeks away -- Isn't
      that 7+1 or 6+2? It's a big commitment to start off on another scale.
      And there is a BIG chicken/egg world out there that has to pay the
      bills. I see Loren was helping promote the product in San Jose
      yesterday/today] ...don

      - - -

      > Don, just don't turn into one of those "Blue Guys" that play with
      > plastic pipe!
      > My 2 bits worth is this... if MTL's leadership doesn't step up to the
      > plate and if AZL remains too expensive for many then I hope Athearn,
      > Atlas, Bachmann, or similar companies to put their toes in the
      > water. Remember, they didn't go into N scale right away and now you
      > can get some very nice prototypical motive power and rolling stock in
      > just about all of the major road names, even in Alaska! Granted some
      > are cheaper than others but they offer affordable high end N scale.
      > Competition is what gets us more, and better, in every product known
      > to man. I'm glad old man Henry Ford wasn't the only producer of
      > automobiles, who knows what few styles and low efficieny cars we'd be
      > driving now.
      > I cannot believe that these other companies are not rubbing their
      > chins as they contemplate the Z scale market. They have to be at
      > least THINKING about it, no?
      > Karin
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