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52760RE: [Z_Scale] Re: MTL Production Numbers

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  • Mike D.
    Jun 3, 2007
      Uwe I have never seen a response so eloquently worded, you are truly the
      politician! I vote for you for Mayor of Zville, will someone second the
      nomination? I�ve never seen such a swift �reverse 180� are you into racing

      In regards to second runs being cheaper for MTL to do that�s simply
      ridiculous even with existing molds, labor has gone up and so is every other
      aspect of manufacturing. Tooling could have even changed requiring mold
      modifications or complete rework of the molds/new molds altogether. So no it
      won�t be cheaper even with the very same production house.

      Another question that comes to mind, why are they beating to death the same
      old lines? Why aren�t they doing anything in the Fallen Flags lines? Those
      lines are still being modeled in fairly large numbers and most of the stuff
      is coming from the cottage industry side of MRR, thank the almighty for
      those guy�s if it weren�t for them we�d all be running BNSF, CSX, UP, and

      Just take a look at what Chad did recently, with only some help from Uncle
      Will, he brought in the Bill K. car, On Time, At Cost. He didn�t sit in a
      conference room bickering with the N Scale team and he didn�t have to
      connive management for a budget, AND he didn�t leave a Single modeler
      hanging in the lurch.

      All this makes one Really Appreciate all the efforts of Robert, Tim, Rob,
      Loren, Uncle Will, Trainnut and now Chad. Thanks Guys you are truly the
      Gucci�s and Armani�s of small scale model railroading today!

      Aaron, I can always expect to see some responsible and pertinent to the
      subject at hand when I read your posts. Hopefully someone at MTL will take
      heed of your suggestion?

      To take that a step further they should also have regional reps to include
      Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark or at the very least an
      order/pre-order form on the MTL website where they could then offer the reps
      exclusive access to projected sales in their areas. MTL should also come to
      terms with the fact that they aren�t a little company any more. Trust me
      there is nothing sitting on the shelves of my LHS for more than a day or two
      excepting the standard stock of Micro-Track. If I�m not there by Friday of
      the week it�s released, well shame on me.

      Right now they are the largest supplier of mass produced Z scale items, this
      won�t always be the case. Other manufacturers are bound to see the revenue
      potential and squeeze their way in as well. The stunt with the N Scale Pan
      Am car won you more than a few disgruntled fans (not the best marketing
      approach ever deployed). Also why didn�t we even see this car in Z scale?

      /s/ Another HAVE TO HAVE IT RIGHT NOW, hurting the Hobby, Z Scale enthusiast

      >From: "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh@...>
      >Reply-To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: MTL Production Numbers
      >Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 12:54:03 -0700
      >At 9:56 AM +0000 6/3/07, Allan Miller wrote:
      > >I'm not sure what the problem is with today's consumer-hobbyists.
      > >They seem to want everything that THEY want, and they want it NOW! I
      > >see this in the other scales I model, and in some or most cases it is
      > >doing more harm to the hobby than good. As I've said so often in
      >I'd just like to point out that I'm not saying I want everything I
      >want for my trains NOW! Quite the opposite, I'm happy to wait, and
      >add an item here and there. It helps to keep things affordable.
      >What I am saying is that when I walk into a train store a couple days
      >after a new car, or cars are announced and am informed that I can't
      >buy them, because the store is sold out and can't get any more from
      >MTL, I consider this to be a problem.
      >Call me strange, but I for one would rather pay more to support a
      >store in my own community, I don't want to have to order online from
      >another state. In fact this is one reason that I really like buying
      >MTL products, I'm an Oregonian, and by buying MTL I'm helping to
      >support an Oregon business.
      > >If MTL or someone else announces something you want to buy, establish
      > >a good, regular relationship with a dealer and get your order placed
      > >on their list. Otherwise, take your chances when the item is
      > >eventually released and find a dealer who has it available or shop the
      > >secondary market.
      > >My feeling is that MTL, in particular, has done a very good job in
      > >giving folks a heads-up about what they are planning, and estimating
      > >when it may be available. They try to be realistic in meeting the
      >OK, I'm curious, am I missing something here? We know that the Army
      >train is coming around the bend, and that the GP9's are on the way.
      >We actually know what the first GP9 will be. We also know about the
      >passenger cars and F8's (or is it E8). I'd like the Army train, but
      >will probably pass on it, unless I happen to get lucky and spot it in
      >my FLHS and decide on a whim to buy it. The rest I'll be wanting to
      >buy if I can get the roads I'm collecting.
      >All of the above info is very vague though, and it's hard to place
      >orders on vague. Can you tell me what the July cars are? This is
      >what I'm talking about. How are we to know if any of the July cars
      >are anything we want to get? By the time we do find out if they are
      >something we want, we run the risk of them being sold out before we
      >can get them.
      > Zane
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