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52733Chehalis Western Set arrived

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  • Allan Miller
    Jun 1, 2007
      Received my Chehalis Western Log Train Set from Anthony at Zscale
      Monster today. Thanks, Anthony!

      A very nice looking set, and certainly a bit different from the
      customary assortment of roadnames and paint schemes that we all enjoy.
      My set won;t see any running time for the time being because I'm
      preparing to pack-up and move in a few months, and am devoting most of
      my available "train time" to selling a whole lot of excess stuff in
      Standard Gauge, Large Scale, Marklin HO, and O gauge, along with a
      bunch of Conrail N scale locomotives that I have stored around here

      However, that Chehalis set, and my other Z items, will certainly see
      good use in my new home because I've decided to pretty much focus my
      interests on Z, On30, and some Large Scale (mostly trolleys and
      traction) for an outdoor layout (assuming my new home, when I find
      one, will have a decent yard).

      Next up for the Z collection will be a few of the MTL GP9s, once they
      become available in a roadname that interests me. I'll just wait and
      watch, and put some money aside in the meantime.

      And, of course, I'll continue reading this forum and Rob's splendid
      magazine to keep up to date on events and goings on in Z until such
      time as I get through what I hope will be the final relocation
      experience in my long lifetime. This one, by the way, will be back to
      my boyhood hometown in Ohio--an area I haven't lived in for about 47
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