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52732RE : Re: [Z_Scale] AZL Announces New Freight Cars

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  • Zane H. Healy
    Jun 1, 2007
      At 9:53 AM +0200 6/1/07, de Champeaux Dominique wrote:
      > >
      >> What are the appropriate timeframes for these cars?
      >> This could get
      >> expensive for me with both UP and SP sets... Though
      >> I suspect they're a bit
      >> modern for my layout.
      >I don't know for the centerflow hoppers nor for the
      >Gunderson boxcars, although I oftenly see pictures of
      >cars that look like them taken in the 60's.
      >The covered tri-level autoracks appeared in the middle
      >of the 70's.

      Thanks, that was just what I need to know. Sadly it means that the
      Tri-Level Autoracks aren't suitable for me for SP, as the SP cut-off
      date for me is the very early 70's. With UP that isn't set in stone
      so I could make an exception for them. It looks like a total of 5
      sets for me if I can afford them at that time (at a minimum I really
      want the boxcars for both). Coupled with the Micro Trains passenger
      set and new engines, it's looking like the next 7-8 months will be


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