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52711Re: [Z_Scale] AZL Announces New Freight Cars

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  • Zane H. Healy
    May 29, 2007
      At 6:01 PM -0400 5/29/07, ztrack@... wrote:
      >We are anticipating all sets will be available starting January of 2008. This
      >is a tentative date. AZL couplers are compatible with MTL couplers. The one
      >big difference is that they are not Magne' Matic, but otherwise work well

      That's good news, I was hoping they'd be compatible with the MTL couplers.

      By timeframe I was meaning what time period would these cars be
      appropriate for? I kind of get the impression we're looking at
      late-80's or newer, but don't know.


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