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52355Re: Bill's Commemorative Car Update 5/3/07

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  • Dave Hjortnaes
    May 3, 2007
      The original intent was to give all funds raised directly to Sue,
      and allow her to decide where it should go - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
      I think this idea should be followed through.

      Every week or 2 weeks, give her whatever funds have been received.
      I am sure she is mature enough to make an intelligent decision, and
      would defer to her children if she has any doubts.

      Secondly, I am sure the sale has gone slow because a lot of people
      do not know about the car. Once Rob, thank you Rob, has a notice in
      Z-track, I am sure things will pick up.

      Thanks again to everyone who has put forth effort to make this
      commemorative car a gift of love in Bill's honor.

      Dave H.

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Chadrick Morris <chadztrainz@...>
      > Hello All,
      > I am please to report the donated plastic boxes have arrived to
      Houston. All the materials are ready and the cars will start to be
      mailed out this weekend. Please be a little more patient and the
      orders will go out soon. I stopped cashing the checks until the
      plastic boxes arrived. The checks will be cashed this week. There
      are close to 36 orders so far. Rob Kluz has ordered one and will
      use it for a ad in the Z Track Magazine.
      > A question to all of you. I visited with Sue Kronenberger last
      week and told her of the money already received from the sale of
      Bill's car and told her the total amount. Sue wanted me to ask all
      of you this. Sue would like to donate the money to the American
      Cancer Society in Bill's name and wants your opinion, agree or
      disagree? Let me know how you feel. So far with 36 orders there is
      > For anyone new: Bill Kronenberger one of the founding Father's
      of Z-Bend Track Standard for modules in Z scale. Bill wrote the
      standards and developed the wiring harnesses for the modules. In
      his dedication to the hobby of model railroading in Z scale, we have
      a commemorative car available in his honor. The car is a two bay
      open hopper from Uncle Will Full Throttle. The coal load from Hay
      Brothers. The lettering on the cars by a local train club member
      with Bill K. 2007 on one side. Z-Bend Track on the other side of
      each car. Wheel sets from Micro-Trains. Plastic boxes from
      PennZee. The cars are ready for shipment and cost $30.00 which
      includes shipping and handling. If interested in a car, please send
      a check or money order to the below address to Chad Bryan. Thank
      you. Please read the excellent articles in the Z Track Magazines
      about Bill Kronenberger.
      > Also, with my own personal money, no money from Bill's car. I
      have purchased most of the Z-Bend Track wiring harness material from
      Sue. I will pay her with monthly payments with my own money. Is
      there anyone needing a wiring harness? I can make a few up. I am
      also thinking of putting one on eBay and see if it sells. I helped
      Bill and Sue make quite a few of them myself, plus all the ones
      under my own 9 modules. Let me know about Z-Bend Track wiring
      harnesses. But, please be patient with that also. Lot to do and
      lot's of stuff going on all the time.
      > Have a good day.
      > Regards,
      > Chad Bryan
      > 1407 Chantilly Ln
      > Houston, TX 77018
      > ---------------------------------
      > Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
      > Check outnew cars at Yahoo! Autos.
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