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52353Re: [Z_Scale] Bill's Commemorative Car Update 5/3/07

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  • Larry Card
    May 3, 2007
      > >I am surprised the paucity of orders. How may cars are
      > >available? For all the flurry of messages about
      > >getting the car made and all the hard work and
      > >donations put in by a few members, the response of the
      > >z community has been something less than
      > >heart-warming.

      >You have just hit the nail on the head.......remember when lots of jabber
      >was going on about the Geep undecorated? Not very many were initially
      >purchased, which put Joe in a bad light with MTL and now we see another
      >example of lots of talk and little action perhaps.

      I didn't order a car because I'm an Nn3'er, not a Z scaler. If there are
      cars left over, I would be glad to have one. Please post the ordering
      information and price again for those of us who missed it?
      Larry P. Card
      Franklinton NC

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