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51944Re: April Micro-Trains releases up

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  • Robert Ray
    Apr 3, 2007
      Russ Meier wrote:
      >I need more money -- must find new job and make
      > more $$$, but wait! I love my current job. Sigh... what's a guy to
      do in this new Z-scale
      > world we live in....

      Hi Russ, there are options, oh so many options. I have explored options
      and found that everyone can do something well. Some people can make
      trees, Some people can paint Z Scale figures and animals, and some
      people can carve masters for Z Scale automobiles, then make resin ones.

      What you have to do is to choose one of the things that you do well,
      and offer up for trades or sell.

      I admit that it takes a bit of motivation to get started, but once you
      do, all the things you desire will start falling into place.

      Example: A guy carves, shapes, sands, measures and re-measures a piece
      of wax into the Master shapes of a dozen Z Scaled 1940's era
      automobiles. It took him 6 months of messing around till they looked
      just right, but he did it.

      Next he buys a book on resin casting, and some materials, then casts
      100 sets over the weekend.

      Now the guy has what I like to call "Trade Fodder" He can choose to
      sell sets to a hobby shop like Z Scale Monster, and/or trade some to
      other guys for that really nice loco he wants.

      Next year, the guy carves up a set of 1970's era automobiles, and he
      has even more trade fodder.

      Over the course of 3 or 4 years, that guy will amass a lifetime supply
      of Z Scale items aquired in trades and purchases. The beauty of trades
      is often you get stuff that the other guy handmade, and your variety of
      stuff grows much greater than could be purchased alone. That is the
      real beauty of trades.

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