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51924Re: [Z_Scale] Re: MTL Passenger Car's in the Works and other stuff..

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  • Zane H. Healy
    Apr 2, 2007
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      > full monty on this and make it too expensive for the general Z
      > hobbyist. I think a kit with a light board and pickups as a secondary
      > product might be a good option. This is stuff Management needs to
      > address once I put my two cents in.

      I think the add-on sounds good. While it sounds neat, I can't honestly see
      why on earth I would want lighted passenger cards. I'm more interested in
      affordable at this point than I am lights.

      I assume this isn't something you could flick on and off... Now that would
      be cool, and I'd probably have to get that! :^)

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