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51914Re: MTL Passenger Car's in the Works and other stuff..

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  • Robert Ray
    Apr 2, 2007
      Don Avila wrote:
      > My three cents, and I AM a customer is to forget the inernals. For
      > the few folks that want lighting and interiors, with kitchen sinks and
      > working lavs, I say get out the #11 Xacto.

      The thing is Don, when a new product is being designed is the best time
      to get all the design work done. If KATOesque electrical pickup trucks
      are designed as the standard, then all kinds of custom lighting
      projects are possible down the road.

      If you want to attract people from other scales to Z, you need to apply
      some of the more mundane, basic features, that are included in the
      other scales, like electrical pickup trucks with metal wheels, and a
      preformed row of seats so people can stick figures in them later on if

      How do you compare a Marklin Z US passenger car with a new Rapido HO
      Passenger car for the same price? The Z one is a lumpy toy train like
      model, and the HO one is a beautiful scale representation of an exact

      I vote for a quality scale model with potential upgrades like flicker
      free lighting and interior, and would gladly pay a premium for it, and
      use the old Marklin cars for cheap kitbash fodder.

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