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515Re:Exhibition in Stuttgart - great narrow gauge layout

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  • Thomas Habrik
    Nov 3, 1999
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      I was in Stuttgart on Moday too.
      Quite a lot in Z compared to N and H0 if you compare it with other exhibitions. Some nice layouts (Modulanlagen) but nothing really new. Was still worth to go there just to get some ideas for layouts or other things you may be interested in.
      I had a chance to buy some cheap cars from one of the many shops which were there.
      Unfortunately, I got the impression, that the halls with the electronic toys (video games, PC) were more crowded than the hall with the modelrailroad. So a lot to do ahead of us to keep modelrailroading alive for all of us.
      I have seen as well the Zm layout with the RhB (Rh�tische Bahn) models. Unbelievable! Run absolutely smooth and this probably for the 3rd day already. The RhB Crocodil looks great!

      Thomas Habrik

      From: "Oliver Schweizer" <o.schweizer@...>
      Subject: [z_scale] Exhibition in Stuttgart - great narrow gauge layout
      Date: 30/10/1999 18:18:50

      From: "Oliver Schweizer" <o.schweizer@...>

      Hi all,

      just a quick note for those who plan to attend the model railway exhibition in Stuttgart the following two days. Dont't miss the box of BDEF (German Association of Railroad Friends), they have an absolutly amazing Zm-Narrow-Gauge-Layout there! It's a small two-train-layout with scratchbuilt (and smoothly running!) trains of the swiss RhB. That's it for now, if anybody is interested I could provide some more details.


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