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51201re: G scale

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  • Fred Ladd
    Feb 28, 2007
      USA Trains are very nice- I got the Santa Fe F-7 ABBA and passenger
      car set-- much better than Aristocraft's. LGB 's are nice engines but
      the trucks are on the narrow side. And expensive.
      MTH came out with the Railking ONE-GAUGE-- 1:32 And I got the Santa
      Fe Dash-8 (6-wheel Truck) A very handsome Engine-MTH catalog 2002
      Volume 1.
      I've also got the SD40-2 in the Santa Fe Blue & Yellow. The fore and
      aft platforms are longer than the Flared -8's. Handsome Model
      I never broke out my calipers on these big guys-.
      I'd suggest you go to a hobby store and see the units your intersted
      in close up and personal. You sure have the eye for details!
      Things like paint colors and finish are different with different
      companies, and other variations play in to the overall display model.
      Also as suggested before, check out a G scale site.
      But nothing beatz looking at one in your hands.
      I'm into ALL Scales Santa Fe War Bonnet mostly. Saw my first Santa Fe
      on a coal train in Norfolk Virginia a couple of years ago. Hooked up
      to 4 NW -8's.- musta got lost being way out east.
      I wanted to run an outside layout but Dragon Lady threatened to use
      her Ellana Bobbet knife on me, so in the interest of retaining what
      I've got AND marital bliss I've temporarily put that idea on hold.
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