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50715Re: Ultrasonic Cleaning and My Krok is a Crock! or, Rock Around the Croc ...

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  • miked_r
    Feb 1, 2007
      Having watched Michael first-hand, and having been the recipient of
      many of his cleanings, I can tell you, the man knows of what he speaks!

      And it would be great if we had a Maniac (they still call people from
      Maine, Maniacs, no?? :-) ) come visit the Tri-State Z Scalers this
      Saturday. Sure it's a long ride, but it's worth it!

      Of course then we might have to rename ourselves...

      Okay, it's way to late for me to be posting.

      Have a good night all!


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Michael Hilliard <mchwilton@...> wrote:
      > Hi John and All,
      > Zorry for the late responce. Between the Amherst Railway Society
      Train show and the lose of Bill K., I've been slow this week, more on
      those topics at a another time.
      > This topic has come up many times, the clasic Marklin frozen oil
      syndrom. This is how I deal with it. Reynard has some good input, but
      I'll elaborate upon his suggestions.
      > I use a proffesional 1 1/2 quart ultrasonic cleaner with "heat".
      They go for about the price of a low end, price wize, Z locomotive.
      For most situations, I just fill it with 70% rubbing alcohol, and warm
      it to somewhere between luke-warm to steaming, but not steaming hot,
      this can be accomplished with a microwave for a home unit, however a
      longer run time may be needed using a home unit, the transducer (what
      produces the ultasonic waves) is smaller. When things are really
      stuck, I use hand/dishwashing solution as Renard sugggested, but I use
      1 part soap to 3 parts demineralized water. I run it for about 5-10
      min. Then I empty the ulrtasonic cleaner and clean the tank and put
      nothing but deminerallized water in, allow it to warm, and run it
      another 5-10 min. This removes "most" of the soap residue. Then I
      empty and clean the cleaner one last time, and fill it up with the 70%
      alcohol again, and run it as previously stated. Then I shake out the
      alcohol and place it on a
      > cloth to dry.
      > In summary, the soap disolves the oil, the water removes the soap,
      and the alcohol acts as a drying agent and is non-conductive. The
      alcohol also acts as it dries to helps remove any last residue of
      soap/oil and water via evaporation. I've used this techneque on all my
      own locomotives and many Tri State Z Scalers as well, without any less
      than, it runs better than new being said! This was developed from my
      years of jewelry experience cleaning gold, silver and stones of every
      kind. This is just adapted to meet the cleaning needs of our precious
      Z trains. What would you say if I made a custom gold ring for you and
      you tried it on and said wow, then took it off and have it leave a
      black ring around your finger? It could be a scam and it's brass, not
      gold. But more likely, the jewler didn't clean the ring well enough to
      remove all the polishing compounds. Everything runs better when
      properly cleaned.
      > There are also 2 other possibilitys I can think of off hand to
      help your situation if cleaning dosen't work. The brushes to the motor
      have disloged due to the frozen oil syndrome. The other is the brushes
      are worn and need to be replaced because it was sold as new but isn't.
      One last thing I can think of is a dead coil in the motor, which means
      the motor is fried and needs to be replaced.
      > Anyway, after all that, I'd be happy to help a fellow New
      Englander at no charge if I can. Contact me off list if interested.
      It's a bit of a long haul from Maine, but I could "probably" fix and
      demonstrate this Sat. here at our Tri State Z Scalers meet, it would
      make a good workshop/how to, and you could zee first hand how to do it
      yourself <smile>.
      > I hope you get the trains running zoon, hope this helps, All Z Bezt,
      > Michael Hilliard
      > Wilton, CT USA
      > jvmcsea@... wrote:
      > I was able to slightly rock the Krock back and forth
      (1/8") and the lights
      > were coming on and staying on.
      > Now, after another good ultrasonic cleaning, no lights -- no nothing.
      > I'll put it back on the track tomorrow ... or the day after.
      > John McCollum
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