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5051Re: [z_scale] Re: Code 40 or 55

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  • Michael Chenoweth
    Jul 1, 2001
      Roy's statement about flange clearance using code 40 holds true because
      code 40 has to be laid without using track spikes. The Marklin flanges will
      ride on the spike heads. Every 5th tie is a pc tie and the rails are simply
      soldered to the ties. The ties are glued to the cork(or whatever), ballasted,
      sanded flat and the rails soldered on. Here's a closeup of a finished section
      of my Nn3 track, but the same would apply for Z.
      Turnouts can be fashioned in the same manner, although I now use all pc ties
      for the turnouts. Here is an Nn3 code 40 turnout,
      and here are some I made up to mate with flextrack,
      Maybe Roy will send a link to some of the head scratching dual gauge code 40
      turnouts that he has laid........they're works of art.....

      dgsteve@... wrote:

      > Hi Roy, wanted to ask what kind of track spikes if any you use. I was
      > adding the spike head for clearance, should the rail be spiked or
      > fastened some other way? The micro train trucks do clear well after
      > second test.
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