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5048Re: Code 40 or 55

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  • jmac_han@hotmail.com
    Jul 1, 2001
      Thanks for putting me straight on the code 40 - flange issue. I'll
      use the unweathered code 40 that I have for the hand laying job I
      have ahead of me. I'm glad to know that there is an expert on the
      list if I run into trouble...assuming I can call you for help ;-)


      I would tend to agree that the introduction of a Kato Z track line
      would impact on Märklin's snap track and not have any effect on
      Halwa for instance.

      So if I am reading the last series of postings correctly, we are
      looking for the following developments in Z:

      - an attractively priced Z starter set
      - getting Z starter sets into hobby shops in order to hook future
      - sowing the seed of a Kato like line of Z track, reliable, easy to
      use, good looking
      - getting the word out that Z is a FUN, viable and growing scale
      - above all, get the new Zs to join Z_Scale where there is
      strength in numbers

      Jeffrey MacHan

      --- In z_scale@y..., "Roy Stevens" <riogrande5771@h...> wrote:
      > All,
      > Don't worry about your Marklin flanges hitting bottom on code
      40 trackwork,
      > it simply won't happen. There's a good ten thou of clearance
      with Marklin
      > stuff, and twenty thou with Micro-Trains rolling stock. I've used
      code 40
      > exclusively and have had no trouble, there's even plenty of play
      as far as
      > gauge goes. I've laid it all the way down to 4" radius too. If you
      want to
      it's a nightmare to try to
      > handlay and it doesn't stay clean.
      > As far as Reynard's prediction of Kato track decimating the
      Z-Scale track
      > market, my reply is "what Z Scale track market?" It certainly
      > decimate anyone trying to lay good looking close-to-scale
      track. Kato's
      > introduction in the N-Scale market certainly put a ding in Atlas's
      > track sales, but Micro-Engineering with it's code 55 and 40
      offerings is
      > going strong.
      > Roy Stevens
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