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5043Re: [z_scale] Code 40 or 55

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  • Roy Stevens
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Don't worry about your Marklin flanges hitting bottom on code 40 trackwork,
      it simply won't happen. There's a good ten thou of clearance with Marklin
      stuff, and twenty thou with Micro-Trains rolling stock. I've used code 40
      exclusively and have had no trouble, there's even plenty of play as far as
      gauge goes. I've laid it all the way down to 4" radius too. If you want to
      solder it STAY AWAY FROM THE PRE-WEATHERED STUFF, it's a nightmare to try to
      handlay and it doesn't stay clean.
      As far as Reynard's prediction of Kato track decimating the Z-Scale track
      market, my reply is "what Z Scale track market?" It certainly won't
      decimate anyone trying to lay good looking close-to-scale track. Kato's
      introduction in the N-Scale market certainly put a ding in Atlas's snap
      track sales, but Micro-Engineering with it's code 55 and 40 offerings is
      going strong.

      Roy Stevens
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