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50146Re: [Z_Scale] Model Of The Month, Was: Societies without Rules have a tendency to Collapse!

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  • Michael Hilliard
    Jan 4, 2007

      First off I'd, like to thank Glen for all his efforts. I thought Model Of The Month (MOTM) was pretty self explanatory, maybe not. I'd like to think our members are intelligent enough to know what a model is without having to give a dictionary definition.

      The only controversy I've read is about entering a photo of someone Else's work. Personally, I don't have a problem with this. Weather it be for a friend or family member, or something you commissioned someone else to build for you, as long as credit is given to the actual modeler. However, if someone submits a entry that someone else built and they said they built it themselves, this would be outright fraud. I would be thrilled if someone entered something I made for them, especially if it wins. It say's how satisfied they are with my work that they wanted to share it with everyone.

      To quote Hobo Tim (Timothy Beuhring):

      "I promise you this, I will not submit any models I have built to this
      contest ever again! Nor will I allow anyone to submit any models I
      have built for them as the model of the month. It is not fair!"

      Having said that Tim, why did you even bring this topic up? Unless you get it in writing beforehand, someone has paid you to do a job and they have "bought" the right to do whatever they want with their commissioned work. I do "not" consider you or any one man/woman operation to be a manufacturer. Legally, you make "handmade" items, not manufactured, even if some steps may be considered manufactured, there is far more handmade steps.

      Anyway, I'd like to suggest some revised rules based on your original suggestions:

      Rules for Model of the Month:

      -This is a Model Of The Month Contest-- (not a photo contest)

      A model, for this contest, can be a locomotive, rollingstock,
      building, vehicle, people, or any other object represented in 1:220
      (Z) scale. This excludes modules and layouts in their entirety.
      Modules and layouts are considered a conglomerate (collection)
      of "Models" to create a larger scene.

      Simple Rules for Entry:

      * Only one photo entry, per person, per month.

      * Photo can be of any Z scale object, as listed above that is 1:220
      (Z) Scale.

      * Person submitting the photo should be the "author/creator" of the
      Z scale object that is displayed in the photo. If submitting a photo for someone else, the "author/creators" name must be included. If the entry wins, the author/creator is the winner, not the person that submitted the entry.

      * Models of RTR Z scale products can not be entered as a model
      unless they have been personally modified, by you, to represent a
      more accurate model.

      * A model can be placed in a scene, but must be the primary object
      in the photo. The Scene is not the model.

      Helpful Hints: A photo of a model that is surrounded by a nice
      scene is more likely to be chosen as a winner than a stand alone
      model with no scenery around it. Example; A photo of a scratchbuilt
      model of a tractor and ploy will be more
      appealing if it were placed in a field ploying a scene rather than
      by itself with no scenery.

      *Any disputes/problems that arise in respect to MOTM, will be resolved at the sole discretion of the moderators of Z_Scale. As a reminder, here are the current moderators of Z_Scale:

      Rob Kluz, Dublin, OH
      Glen Chenier, Allen, TX
      Ted Lamar, San Mateo, CA
      Greg Elmassian, San Diego, CA
      Michael Hilliard, Wilton, CT

      If the current method of choosing a MOTM doesn't work out for whatever reason, I don't know why it wouldn't, but this has yet to be settled, I'd suggest the 5 moderators of Z_Scale be the judges to select the MOTM. Do you "trust" the current moderators to be fair if this happened? Just in case this does happen, I'd suggest one more rule:

      *Moderators of Z_Scale can not enter the MOTM contest, nor may anyone submit entries on their behalf.

      Now that I got that out of my system, time to prepare for our Tri-State Z Scalers (NY, NJ, & CT) this Sat. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. All Z BeZt,

      Michael Hilliard
      Wilton, CT USA

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