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50068Re: Societies without Rules have a tendency to Collapse!

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  • Allan Borg
    Jan 2, 2007
      Hi all
      I'm with the new guy. I personally do not see any distinction between
      a single model and creation of a diorama or a scene from a layout. I
      also don't care if the modelling effort is a creation of the author
      or photographer as long as the credit is so given. So what if the
      model was made by a spouse, a friend or some other family member. If
      it a Z scale creation it deserves a viewing. It's not like we are
      competing for points, trophys or some other rewards. I do believe
      that any modelling product created for commercial or contractual
      endeavor should be excluded, but that is all.
      Allan Borg
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "feyerhc" <clfeyerherm@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I believe this is my first post to this group. I have enjoy
      > most of the posts for the last several months. I find them
      > informative, sensitive, and at times humorous.
      > However, what is the point of this subject? MOTM is informative
      > inspirational. I thought this was a friendly, considerate group
      > wanted to share information, answer questions, etc. Now it looks
      > like it has become a bickering group. If this continues, I will be
      > dropping out of this group. The world is full of bickering and I
      > thought this forum was for relaxation and getting away from the
      > everyday rigors.
      > Personally, I don't care if a submitted photo is of a highly
      > detailed, scratchbuilt turntable, or a photo of a purchased, fully
      > built model that is placed in a particular scene in a unigue way.
      > All these submitted photos are inspiring.
      > Whether a submitted model was built by the individual submitting or
      > was done by someone else is immaterial. If this group is really a
      > group for sharing ideas and having fun, that is all that is
      > important. If MOTM has a whole bunch of rules and restrictions,
      > the purpose of sharing is gone and we have brought the rigors of
      > to this forum.
      > Lets stay with the fun side and quit worrying about the competive
      > aspect.
      > The Z world is for having fun, enjoyment, and sharing.
      > Carl in Nebraska
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