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50053Re: Societies without Rules have a tendency to Collapse!

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  • Jürg Rüedi
    Jan 2, 2007
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      Hello Karin

      Thank you for your kind words. My entries to the Contest is a way to
      say thanks to John Cubbin and Lionel Gazeaus for the incredible work
      they did for me and to show their work to the public. I'm like a
      Gallery owner who show's the work from talented "Artists" as in the
      real world.
      As Reynard mentioned bevor, photo of the month would be the better
      name. :-)
      Last but not least, we had some photo contests on zcentralstation in
      the last few month. The June contest contained 31 pictures, the
      August contest 25 (from 7 people) the October contest 12 pictures
      (from 6 people) the December contest 13 pictures (from 6 people). As
      more rules being added as less pictures you will see in the future.

      just my 2 Cents



      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Karin Svenson" <karin@...> wrote:
      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "sgt_tim7" <sgt_tim1@> wrote:
      > > p.s. I agree that a description of the model is needed upon
      > entry.
      > > Great Suggestion!
      > Hi guys,
      > This is a very important topic and should be heeded. Personally I
      > would prefer that the term "guidelines" be used when determining
      > rules for a civilized group such as this one. I would tend to
      > that it would help in keeping us pulling together instead of using
      > term that is more divisive like the word "rules" is.
      > Guidelines are needed for the MOTM contest.
      > Juerg's Rosetown depot, if it wins, should be credited a win to
      > Lionel. If his bridge and river entry wins it should be credited as
      > John Cubbin's win. I think the single most important guideline is
      > that the entry be made by the entrant or that the entrant give all
      > credit, including the win, to the maker of the model.
      > I'm so glad you added those Juerg, no disrespect intended. I just
      > think the modeler needs to be the real winner.
      > Sure look forward to when the day comes when I can add my feeble
      > attempt of an entry.
      > Thanks for allowing me to communicate my thoughts...
      > Karin
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