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50035Re: Sally's Layout by Jim O'Connell The Rest of the Story

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  • Jim O'Connell
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Don, Loren and all who have been so supportive, thank you very much
      and may you all have a happy new year. Sally's layout was something
      of a time crunch. I only had about 10 days including mailing time. As
      with many things, when we put our noses in the thick of the fray good
      things can happen. I was priviledged to be able to do the layout for
      Tom and Sally. Also the fact that it will give Tom, hopefully, many
      hours of enjoyment. As Loren said, many of US participated in making
      Tom's time more enjoyable. Lajos, Loren, and the barn maker, who's
      name I have long forgotten. (That barn was on the original CCRR) Many
      of Lajos 's trees are on the layout, as well as using his Snail Speed
      Controller. Thanks again, Jim CCRR
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