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50024Z scale projects

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  • Larry Card
    Jan 1, 2007
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      >for a Shay (4-4). While I was at MTL, I had a "spare time" project
      >that was to develop a narrow gage Shay for N scale based on the Z
      >scale F7 mechanism. I don't know if it went anywhere after I left,

      Republic Locomotive Works sells a kit to make an Nn3 Shay from the guts of a
      MicroTrains F-7.

      >So, I'm left with a question about what you think that I should do
      >here. Should this be a "fudge" unit, with an arrangement of 4-6? I

      Is it possible to design a shell for a Marklin diesel unit?
      Larry P. Card
      Franklinton NC

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