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49495Re: [Z_Scale] sending photos

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  • Garth Hamilton
    Dec 7, 2006
      At 07:21 AM 12/7/2006, "Ell Geib" wrote:

      >I upgraded to Photoshop 7 not too long before the CS versions came
      >out. I didn't see the point of upgrading again so soon. I understand
      >and do most of the rest of the things you talk about. BUT, I hadn't
      >thought of using the Save for Web option. I'll try that and see what
      >differences I get. Thanks for that reminder.
      >The whole point of my questions: I know how to change the size and
      >resolution of my photo files. But for a given photo, and after any
      >cropping, when you do things that reduces the file size, that means
      >you are throwing away data. At some point that is going to be
      >noticeable. For example, in one of the photos I took of my small
      >layout at the Rockville show a sign describing the layout is visible.
      >In the original photo, or in a reduced sized photo that keeps the
      >same resolution (and large file size), most words on the sign can be
      >read. After changing to 800 x 600 there is sufficient loss of
      >resolution that it is difficult or impossible to read those words.

      There are several factors that change the file size in pictures. One
      is the size in width and height and the other is the DPI.
      IF you have a picture that is 180 DPI and change it to 90 DPI you
      will cut the file size in half. For most pictures on the internet you
      can get away with Lower DPI setting of 75 to 90 but not for every
      photo. I tend to use 80 - 95 DPI and 4 x 6 inches or 102 by 153 mm

      You can always decrease the DPI and get a good picture for internet
      use, but you can not increase the DPI and get a better picture with
      most programs, they just appear to be very grainy. You need a very
      sophisticated program for manipulating digital images to accomplish
      this sort of upgrade.

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