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  • Ell Geib
    Dec 5, 2006
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      I do not see where you get less than 100K. One of my original photos,
      as an example, when opened in Photoshop gives the following info:
      W = 2592 pixels H = 1944 pixels
      W = 14.4 in. H = 10.8 in.
      Resolution 180 dpi
      Using the Mac's Get Info command, the file size is 3.3 MB

      When I change the size in Photoshop, I get
      W = 800 pixels H = 600 pixels
      W = 4.44 in. H = 3.33 in.
      Resolution = 180 dpi
      File size = 540K.

      (NOTE: For the reduced size photo to have the same quality of
      sharpness as the original, the dpi needs to be increased to 583 dpi.
      If that is done, the file size does not decrease. Part of what makes
      this somewhat confusing is that the sharpness of a print depends on
      how many dpi - dots per inch - are available for the printer to use,
      whereas cameras always talk about total pixels available.)

      I was saving the changed files as High Quality JPEGs. If I save it as
      a Low Quality JPEG, I still get a file size of 132K. Of course, I can
      reduce the file some more if I crop the photo to a smaller size. But,
      if I crop the original and then reduce the cropped photo it to 800 x
      600, the file size does not change much.

      Of course, each drop in JPEG quality loses some sharpness in the
      photo. Because there is some interaction between the width, height,
      resolution (dpi), and file size, I couldn't get the photo to have a
      smaller file size even when I changed the resolution to 72 dpi.

      At 72 dpi, the photo does not look too bad on the computer screen
      when it is displayed at about 4 inches wide on the screen. But when
      you magnify it, you find that lettering on a sign that could be read
      before, now is impossible to read. The real resolution has just gone

      I may just try changing a photo or two to 800 pixels x 600 pixels and
      save them as Low Quality JPEGS, then upload them and see what they
      look like. If they are okay, I can get 12 uploaded in about 8-10

      Ell Geib
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