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49462Re: [Z_Scale] Problem with my F7

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  • Michael Hilliard
    Dec 4, 2006

      If you can't get it to run with Brian R. suggestions, and if you live within th Tri-State area, NY, NJ, CT, I'll be happy to pay a free home visit to diagnosie it and fix it if possible. Otherwise feel free to call me. All z best,

      Michael Hilliard
      Wilton, CT USA

      ralba1998 <ralba1998@...> wrote:
      last night I replaced my brushes - the light was showing dim and the
      motor was hardly moving - after it had been on for a few hours from my
      son playing with it. I had yet to replace them - and so I did and now
      the light is VERY bright - but the motor isn't spinning. Did I fry my

      I dissambled the entire motor to get to the brushes. It was to
      complicated to take them out from uptop. I put it all back together and
      now light works and that is it. So I know I have good current.

      Can someone help?


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