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49450Re: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL/SZL trip to Korea/ MTL's Trip to Walmart

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  • ztrack@aol.com
    Dec 4, 2006
      In a message dated 12/4/06 10:56:19 AM, shipsure2003@... writes:

      > We produced a boat load of Undec's at the
      > urging of Rob Kluz :op and were confronted with the cost and extra
      > inventory (Rob, we need to talk :o0 )

      How did I get drawn into this? I also told you Joe to only offer pre 1900
      trains that operated above the arctic circle. But do you listen to me on that
      one... NO.... There is a gold mine with that niche!!!! One question, will you
      include extra rubber bands the GP9s? I am thinking their is a huge potential in
      aftermarket rubber band sales.

      I think at this point, both you and Loren now owe me lunch...


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