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49439Re: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL/SZL trip to Korea/ MTL's Trip to Walmart

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  • Loren Snyder
    Dec 4, 2006
      I sure hope you bought Select Interior plywood with no knot holes. I don't
      want a second class finish on my new locos! And don't subject those rubber
      bands to any sunlight before you install them in the drive mechanism, or
      else the ultraviolet light will weaken the horsepower and give less pulling
      power. Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway, as switchers aren't supposed to
      haul huge loads anyway.
      And is that paint oil based or latex? I want the surface to be shiny for a
      long time.

      Yes, seriously for just a moment,.......someday I bet a lot of folks want
      to get some of those undecorated and do their own paint schemes.
      So don't throw those undecs back into the stew pot just yet. I even managed
      to send one to a customer last week, so they are slowly being used up
      (serious moment over).

      Custom painting is yet another project I'd love to be doing, but at the
      moment, I'm busy sharpening my axe to go into the woods yet again to chop
      down more of those spotted owl roosting trees. I've found yet another
      customer who needs loads of trees and the owls are just going to have to go
      roost in some old barn or on top of a power pole somewhere. They make
      better targets when they are out in the open like that and silhouetted
      against a blue sky :o)

      Joe's chief burro handler, (pooper scooper)


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      From: Joe DAmato
      Date: 12/4/2006 7:48:23 AM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL/SZL trip to Korea/ MTL's Trip to Walmart

      Hi All,

      This is Joe, from the firm Brand X, formally known as MTL (wonder if
      my paycheck will be difficult to deposit this week?) Just back from
      a trip to Walmart where I got sheets of plywood to fabricate our new
      GP-9's, also got a gallon of black housepaint and rubber stamps so we
      could do PRR as our first release. We also opted for rubber band
      drive so I picked up a few boxes of those from the Office Supply
      isle, modern rubber bands have more life than the ones I used to
      shoot my neighbor's cat as a kid. So far, production is going
      well... :o)

      Seriously, if that is possible....Rob made the point about undec's
      I'd like to underscore. We produced a boat load of Undec's at the
      urging of Rob Kluz :op and were confronted with the cost and extra
      inventory (Rob, we need to talk :o0 ). Folks expected a price
      reduction cause they were undecorated, but the painting and printing
      represent a small part of the cost to build these guys. I thought
      they would be cheeper too, but when I saw the numbers, realized the
      most you would save was a few dollars, so...Marketing made the call.
      Since I don't expect Rob to send me a check for the extra inventory,
      do me a favor and buy a few of these so I can pay for Breakfast with
      Loren next week.

      Well the lights are flickering and I have to go out back and whip the
      burro's turning the wheel on the generator...


      Brand X

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