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48448something for free - Marklin track plans copy of original factory drawings

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  • bobfage2000
    Nov 1, 2006
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      I did not pay for them, given to me by a customer... so I am offering
      them free (copies at posting and copy cost only charged)... drawn on
      5th, 8th & 10th October 1984 and at a 1:5 scale the layouts show all
      the numbers used to make them. It represents (1)174cm long x 60 cm
      deep this has a lot of goods yard and 3 outer tracks and a twin track
      running a cross the layout at an angle (2) 180 cm x 60 cm based on a
      transverser that has double track round outside and a station complex
      (3)180 cm x 60 cm based on a turntable (16 tracks off the table) and
      double track round the outside...... 3 different layouts... plus a
      common sheet to say how many of each rail number you need to make any
      of them. All drawn by the same person at Marklin. So if you are
      interested contact me of line at my email address robertfage@... I
      am in the UK, but I am sure I can get Loren to accept the money in the
      USA (he justs loves greenbacks)(in cash)to cover the posting cost and
      envelope and copying costs from the UK.. lets say $5.00 anyway if any
      one wants a set then contact me. They are interesting items, I doubt
      if many would build them but who knows.

      Bob Fage (in the UK)