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48382Re: MTL Switches motor throwing

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  • Stephen Moore
    Oct 30, 2006
      This is very interesting.
      I think that the circuitron components do the same thing too.

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Ed Dalman <dalman220z@...> wrote:
      > Hi Stephen
      > A while back I mentioned the use of "memory wire.
      > Take a look at the following
      > This may help you.
      > Take care,
      > Ed Dalman
      > Lakeside, CA.
      > Hello,
      > 2 questions.
      > dumb question 1. What is the magnet for, under the new MTL
      > smart question 2. I have been pondering how to throw these
      > with a tortoise machine. My first thought, is to drill a small
      > in that little round tab on the side, run the tortoise wire up
      > through it, and turn it sideways to throw it back and forth.
      > was to push it up into the magnet, or into that sliding bar
      > somewhere from underneath. Another idea was to use the actuators,
      > from the tortoise mounts etc... and move the little round tab
      > somehow with that. One of the more ingenius ideas i thought of,
      > to use a and electro magnet somehow to push the magnet one way or
      > another from underneath.
      > My question is, any body think of any great way yet to throw these
      > switches? AND What will MTL do, to throw these switches.(I suspect
      > side mounted motor, since i see two slots on the side with the
      > that would be perfect fit for a side mounted coil motor. This is
      > exact same way fleischman does there switches in n scale.
      > Stephen
      > Plano, TX
      > Texas and Beyond
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