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48378Re: [Z_Scale] MTL Switches motor throwing

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  • Ed Dalman
    Oct 30, 2006
      Hi Stephen
      A while back I mentioned the use of "memory wire.
      Take a look at the following info.http://www.floodland.nl/trein/info/elektro_en_4.htm
      This may help you.
      Take care,
      Ed Dalman
      Lakeside, CA.

      2 questions.
      dumb question 1. What is the magnet for, under the new MTL switches?

      smart question 2. I have been pondering how to throw these switches
      with a tortoise machine. My first thought, is to drill a small hole
      in that little round tab on the side, run the tortoise wire up
      through it, and turn it sideways to throw it back and forth. Another
      was to push it up into the magnet, or into that sliding bar
      somewhere from underneath. Another idea was to use the actuators,
      from the tortoise mounts etc... and move the little round tab
      somehow with that. One of the more ingenius ideas i thought of, was
      to use a and electro magnet somehow to push the magnet one way or
      another from underneath.
      My question is, any body think of any great way yet to throw these
      switches? AND What will MTL do, to throw these switches.(I suspect a
      side mounted motor, since i see two slots on the side with the tab,
      that would be perfect fit for a side mounted coil motor. This is the
      exact same way fleischman does there switches in n scale.

      Plano, TX
      Texas and Beyond

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