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46944Re: [Z_Scale] RE: IVAR Shelving for layout base

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  • Alan Cox
    Sep 2, 2006
      Ar Sad, 2006-09-02 am 21:56 +0200, ysgrifennodd Uwe Liermann:
      > from October 20th to 23rd my wife and me want to have a weekend in
      > London. We want to see a musical, and then find some other things to
      > visit. Are there anything that is a real must see for a Z-scaler in
      > London (besides all those famous stations... Paddington is a must for
      > me ;-) )? At the moment we plan to stay at a hotel not to far from the
      > West End.

      Paddington has some nice architecture although one side is currently
      impossible to view because the roof is under repair. One station people
      tend to miss that might interest is Baker Street underground which was
      in part restored to its original 1914 state a few years ago.

      Model rail events in the UK:

      21st October sees a steam service from Finsbury park but most of the
      other interesting rail (1:1 scale) goings on are some distance from

      What else ...


      again 1:1 scale

      Personally I'd make sure you go and see some interesting other stuff to
      visit - lots of good museums, shows, events
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