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46191Re: GP-35 NS and Conrail

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  • bobfage2000
    Aug 3, 2006
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "railfan_nyc" <railfan_nyc@...> wrote:
      > The photos of these two loco's have given me brain damage. When will
      > they be offered? My Santa Fe unit is great but I live in North
      > Carolina and, there, NS and older Conrail paint schemes rule. We
      > Amtrack passengers prefer not to talk much about CSX, thank you.
      > Dan Egy


      While I commissioned these to be done by Scott Lupia, I do not have a
      problem with anyone else asking him to do them a conrail and a NS if
      they wish. I have paid for the artwork on the NS and had the luck to
      use the artwork previously commissioned by another person on the
      Conrail (which saved me a few $) Ask Scott...his e mail address is
      wpdj61@... The work is first class. I got a fast turnaround
      as well with the bonus of Loren supplying the second of the unpainted
      locos from his stock ljsnyder@... and sending it on my behalf
      to Scott to do the job.. saved me having to wait for a unpainted to
      travel from the USA to the UK and back again (Which I did with the
      Conrail). I am trying to find out if the other 7 Warbash GP35's also
      were painted in NS livery and if they were what the running numbers
      are.. then I can have a second GP35 painted and in a different number
      (still looking).

      Bob Fage (in the UK)
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