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4557RE: [z_scale] 4-6-0 hums when placed on track when tried no movement.

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  • Robert Allbritton
    Jun 5, 2001
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      I second David's thought:

      Sounds like it needs a lube job. Take her apart, lub the gears (Marklin Oil
      or Labelle or some very light oil, but NO WD-40 or "3-in-1" oil!!!) put her
      back together and she should run like a champ. Don't over oil, just enough
      for a thin film, but do clean the gears first (you can use new oil to clean


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      Subject: [z_scale] 4-6-0 hums when placed on track when tried no

      I recently tested a steam loco 8599 I placed my ear very close when
      first turning throttle and it made a bit of a humming sound but would
      not move. I did this only for a second as I did not want to further
      damage it. Could this be a gear binding? this is my first guess but I
      thought I would see if this has been experienced by anyone else. It
      seems promising and I will visit creative element to see if there is
      loco strip-down info there. Thanks if anyone can help,

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