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45479Re: Pratt Truss Bridge Final Multiples

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  • Chris
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Plus the more area the etch has to eat up the quicker the etch gets
      used up. If you fill in the areas with "something" it would actually
      be cheaper to have etched since it would use less etchant. Of coarse
      this would depend on who is doing the etching and if they take these
      sort of things into consideration.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Ray" <pray59@...> wrote:
      > Here's a proposal...
      > If the cost the metal is what's driving the price, and there will
      > lots of open spaces that get discardrd, then why not pack all the
      > spaces with details that increase the value of the kit?
      > What kind of details would I propose to fill all those triangular
      > cutouts? Well since it is thicker material there are still things
      > can be made. How about assorted ladders, fold in half cows,
      > horses, those fence things with the grate bars that prevent the
      > from walking down the road because their hoof gets stuck, railroad
      > crossing crossbucks, twist armature-polly fiber-and flock mesquite
      > trees, you know, that sort of filler to fill in those wasted
      > with loads of value and details.
      > Then, instead of just buying a bridge for the $155, you would
      > be buying a complete scene to help ease the sticker shock. No more
      > cost to you other than a few more drawings initially that can be
      > on all 3 of the bridge designs, and on any other project with
      > material space.
      > -Robert
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