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4540Re: [z_scale] Editorial: Re: Improved Armadillo Z Scale Pages

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Jun 2, 2001
      Hello Patrick,

      I was looking forward to your reply. Thank you for the historical background
      concerning your site and infopool in particular.

      I especially like your offer to add a Z_Scale banner to the infopool pages.
      More on that later. I still think that it would be helpful if you
      mentioning exactly what you said below in the preamble statement on the
      infopool title page, i.e. that the articles contained in Infopool are the
      copyright of their respective authors.

      I respectfully resubmit that including the article archive # from Z_Scale
      would also help to identify the source mailing list. I imagine other lists
      offer mesage archiving. It seems to be one of the advantages of the Yahoo
      service in any case.

      As for a banner for Z_Scale, I think we should ask for submissions from the
      list for a graphic. We could then vote on the proposals. I'll certainly
      try to come up with something for the competition. In the meantime,
      Patrick, I'll send you a temporary banner so that you can add it to the
      infopool pages as you so generously offered.

      I'm with you on the need to promote Z and provide fine sources of

      Jeffrey MacHan

      >From: pguertler@...
      >Reply-To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [z_scale] Editorial: Re: Improved Armadillo Z Scale Pages
      >Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 19:37:28 -0000
      >Dear members of the list, dear Jeffrey MacHan
      >First I would like to thank you all for visiting Armadillo's website.
      >I'm very happy that my work of collecting and setting up valuable
      >information for everybody interested in Z scale is so much
      >appreciated. But in his statement of today, Jeffrey MacHan has set up
      >some suggestions, which I think I have to answer here in public.

      >And, in fact, there was and is an active link to
      >the z scale yahoo forum on my link page, category Magazines and
      >Mailinglists, where it simply belongs. Amen.
      >Finally, I would like to make an free offer to Jeffrey MacHan and the
      >z scale yahoo forum: send me a banner-graphic (preferably 234 x 60 or
      >110 x 60 pixels, GIF-format), a link-URL and a link text to the z-
      >scale yahoo forum, and I will put it on every infopool-page (both
      >language versions) in the right down corner besides the page
      >navigation, where it is always clearly visible. I think this would be
      >the best place to promote the z scale forum. What do you think?
      >Have a nice weekend - Jeffrey, I hope you don't mind my statement!
      >Patrick Guertler, http://www.armadillo.ch
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